4 Ways to Instantly Become a More Stylish Woman

by Shopify API on May 04, 2021

You know what they say: fashions fade, but style is eternal. That’s why if you want to look put-together and fashionable every day, your best is to spend your time, effort, and resources learning about the principles of style rather than obsessing over the latest trends, which inevitably come and go. So, if you want to know how to effortlessly look stylish every day, here are four tips you can follow that will help you.


Put Fit First


The biggest open secret in the fashion world is that the way that your clothes look is only one small part of how well they end up working out once you actually put them on. Because if your pieces don’t fit you impeccably, your look is going to end up seeming off somehow, no matter how stunning it might look on the hanger.



Therefore, it’s so important to try your clothes on before you buy them. Because women’s clothing sizes are really all over the place, there’s no way to know how a piece will look on you until you try it on. And remember, size is just a number that doesn’t say anything about you or your value. So, if you must size up or down to get the perfect fit, you shouldn’t hesitate to do so. In fact, it may end up making you look slimmer to go up a size.


It’s also worth noting that when you buy clothes off the rack, they don’t always end up being a perfect fit. If you want to look stylish every day, getting your clothes tailored to fit you like a glove will make a tremendous difference.


Invest in Quality Pieces

One of the biggest differences between a woman who looks stylish and one whose outfit doesn’t quite pack the same punch is the quality of the clothes. After all, a white blouse isn’t just a white blouse. Not all pairs of blue jeans are created equally. Clothes made with better fabric, superior stitching, and finer construction are going to fit you better and look so much nicer than ones created from synthetic fabric with shoddy craftsmanship. And while they might cost you a bit more originally, it’ll ultimately be a better investment, as higher quality clothes will last you longer than fast fashion.


Use Trends Sparingly


One of the most evident differences between women who are confident in their fashion sense and those who are still learning to find their sense of style is the way that they approach fashion trends. Women in the former category tend to hop on the trend bandwagon pretty quickly and buy up new, trendy pieces that might look dated fast. But women who are solid in their style tend to be pickier about which trends they decide to try out, knowing which ones are a good fit for their personal style and which ones they feel comfortable passing on. And they don’t let these trends overstay their welcome. Instead, they have fun with them and let them go once they start passing back out of style. 


Consider the Base

Finally, there’s the part of style that has little to do with fashion at all. Okay, answer this question: have you ever had this experience? You take direct inspiration from your favorite celebrity’s outfit from head to toe. You even buy some of the very same pieces. But when you put the outfit on your own body, you just don’t look quite as put-together or stylish as they did in it. Why is that?



Well, the truth is that the clothes are only a fraction of style. An entire look comes together with more than just your clothing and accessories but also includes the rest of your appearance, from your makeup and hair to your nail polish and tan to your figure and skin. That’s why some women can look put-together even in sweatpants. Their base is so dialed-in that they look stylish in the most casual clothes.



If you want to look stylish in any outfit, it’s worth investing some effort into doing your hair and makeup and taking care of your skin and body. And one of the easiest ways how to stay fit like a stylish celeb is to use Cali Weights. A weighted bangle, these are both a workout that helps tone your arms all day long and a stylish accessory that adds to your outfit. Unlike most fitness wearables, they’re not bulky or ugly, and at ¼ pound per bracelet, they weigh just enough to make a difference but not enough to get in your way. 


Next time you’re putting your outfit together, try to choose high-quality pieces that fit you and represent a good mix of classic and trendy pieces that you really love. And don’t forget to slip on your Cali Weights to tone your body while complementing your stylish look.